Clearing the hurdles in capturing athletics.

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We have all at one time or another been captivated by sports images and the moment of  human drama.

We all like a good action photo and, in particular, if your kids play sports, you want to remember them in their toils.

These images were captured at the Motheo-Gariep Primary School Championships held in Bloemfontein on the 3rd of March 2012.


Sports and Action photography is all about timing. Its about reacting. Its about being in the right place at the right time . These are all qualities of the athlete and those of the photographer as well.  As we call it, the decisive moment!


Lise Bezuidenhout Photo: Denese Lups


The saying goes “If you see the action you missed it.” This basically means if you wait for the soccer player to head the ball then press the shutter release, the ball most likely will be sailing out of the frame. You have to push the button before the action so that the mirror has time to flip out of the way and the shutter open and close.


Photo: Denese Lups


Each sport is different in the techniques used to capture the moment. Each sport has a limited number of unique shots. Track events all move one direction. Shooting the finish provides the most dramatic events. For the hurdles, you have to time the players as they peak over the hurdles.


Photo: Denese Lups


Photo: Denese Lups


Photo: Denese Lups


Shots that lack emotion, lack energy! They do not have story telling ability. If there is no emotion, then there is little desire to view it. Most tight action shots of players will be emotional. Regardless of level, these players, when they are exerting themselves, exhibit emotion.


Photo: Denese Lups


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