For the rugby fan the week is off to a great start with Monday evening Varsity Cup rugby.

This brilliant tournament titled “FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International” has brought life to rugby at our tertiary institutions and will provide a showcase of the best young talent available.

In the professional era the focus on student and club rugby has been on the decline and this tournament has already proved to be the spark needed to grow rugby amongst the younger generation.

Always show respect for the Professor! Photo by Denese Lups

We have to agree with newly appointed Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer that development of the game needs to start from the youngest levels. It is also important not to have a vacuum between school rugby and provincial rugby. Tournaments such as the FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International as well as our U/19 and U/21 Currie Cup competitions can close this gap.

Showing respect whilst singing the Anthem! Photo by Denese Lups

The best part about the Varsity Cup is that it creates an awesome vibe amongst all students- male and female, and the players get the opportunity to experience both the pleasure and pressure of playing in front of a big audience!

Always share the ball with your team mates! Photo by Denese Lups

Our female sports photographer Denese Lups shared some photos capturing the action and vibe at Varsity Cup rugby. This game was played on the 13th of February 2012 at Shimlapark between Shimlas and NMMU.

Run with purpose! Photo by Denese Lups

Brace Yourself for contact! Photo by Denese Lups

Tackle with body and heart! Photo by Denese Lups

Rather avoid the late tackle if you can! Photo by Denese Lups

Concentrate while kicking even if the ball is pink! Photo by Denese Lups

Always share your joy with friends!! Photo by Denese Lups

Remain Positive - You too may soon be more than a spectator! Photo by Denese Lups