Our photographers at Rugby15 are good at capturing the very best rugby photos.

Since last year we have shared many of these on both the Rugby15 and Phototalk websites and they have also appeared on front covers, back pages and in rugby magazines.

Sometimes they also captures the vibe and beauty in and around the stadium. Many of these tell their own story, and sometimes we ask them to find out more about the people in the photos.

Photographer Anton Geyser recently captured a very passionate rugby fan, Dan Lombard, during a Varsity Cup game.

Dan is watching the game from a wheelchair and we asked Dan about his passion for the game:

Dan Lombard in photo by Anton Geyser

When were you injured and how did the injury occur?

I broke my neck at a routine rugby practice on the 13th of May 2008 at PBHS.

How old were you at the time?


Did you have a passion for the game of rugby from childhood?

Yes, I started playing rugby in Grade 6 and enjoyed every minute of it.

Which provincial/ super rugby team do you support and why are you a passionate supporter of that team?

The Bulls, because they are a focused and driven team, who, besides from achieving their goals, sent high standards for their competitors.

Do you believe that we do enough for the sports fan with disabilities [ differing abilities] so that he/ she can still enjoy the game? What are your biggest frustrations at the sports stadiums?

To be honest, I can only speak for myself and as I am only interested in rugby, I can only speak about rugby stadiums, but on the whole, stadiums do not really cater for the disabled. The seating is not enough, our attendant has to sit away from us, entrances are not the right gradient, etc. Loftus, however, has created a disability suite which hopefully I will get to experience this weekend when the Bulls play the Blues.

Do you believe that the fan /rugby supporter with disabilities can be involved in a more active manner by giving i.e. input as to player analysis etc?

I believe that a rugby supporter with disabilities can give back to rugby in a positive manner. Simply because our bodies are effected, not our minds. I am currently a school boy rugby coach and in the process of starting rugby safety and skills development initiative for English primary schools in Pretoria and hopefully will join Boksmart as an ambassador. I am also keen to become a technical advisor as well as a commentator.

How do you rate the Springboks and their chances for the upcoming 2012 test season?

I’m very excited about this year’s Springbok season, because I rate Heyneke Meyer very highly and looking forward to seeing his influence on the Springboks, although, it could take some time. I am hoping for at least an 80% win rate this year.

If you can leave someone with an inspirational message – what would the message be?

If I had to leave an inspirational message for someone, that message would simply state that motivation is internal, it is up to you to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, no matter what your circumstances are and lead the very best life you can. BOOM!

Varsity Club Rugby in Photo by Anton Geyser