Marlon is a Field Guide at Singita Sabi Sand . An adventurous person by nature, Marlon has been immersed in Africa and its beauty from a young age.


As a Field Guide Marlon specialises in connecting travellers with the secret lives of some of the most amazing creatures in the wild.





Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


How long have you been in the photography industry?

I have been surrounded by photography my whole life thanks to my dad, but I only started taking it more serious about 4 years ago.


Is there a specific moment you can recall when you decided “this is what I would like to do professionally?”

Not really. I still work full time as a guide/ranger at Singita. Photography is still something I do in my own time.  I have recently taken on the challenge of photographic safaris and will start with that in 2013, all very exciting.


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


Can you describe/ provide your favourite photo?

Ooh, this is a touch one. I don’t think I can nail it down to one specific photograph. I have a collection of images that take me back to that moment and I think those are closest to my heart. They may not be technically brilliant but they are usually moody and captures the atmosphere of the moment.


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


Is there a specific photo you feel “I wish I had taken that one?”

I usually have my camera next to me whenever I am on drive. I don’t miss out on the opportunity much, but I sometimes get it wrong in terms of exposure or focus, haha, very frustrating. I do recall missing a lion jumping on an impala because I had accidently switched my camera to a 10 second shutter delay or self time mode.


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


If in an emergency you are able to save only one piece of equipment, what would that be?

Without a doubt my 400 2.8 IS!!!


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


Which photo theme do you prefer capturing? Sport / portfolio/ wedding/ nature etc



Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


What would your best piece of advice be to young aspiring photographers?

Persistence!! Never stop. Oh, and make lots of money because it ain’t cheap!!


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


Do you have a blog/ website where people can view images captured by you?

Sure, you can visit me at , or check out my Facebook page at 


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


What do you regards as the best magazines to read to sharpen your skills in photography?

I learnt a lot from simply admiring the work of other great photographers. You notice the way they frame images and what the right moments look like. That is very important. A great wildlife photograph is captured in that one fleeting moment, there are no second chances and it will be lost forever. On the magazine front there are plenty to choose from.


What do you regards as the best websites to browse to sharpen your skills in photography?

I don’t visit too many of these. I have great friends who regularly post photographs to facebook and sites like google+ and 500px. These are great sites to share your work and to learn from others and to engage and make friends with them.


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


If money is no issue  – and you can go any place in the world to take as many photos as You wish to – what place would that be?

A chance to photograph Snow Leopards would be a dream come true!!


Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


What is your favourite software for retouching?

I make use of Photoshop Lightroom 4.


What times during the day do you think are best to take photos

There are the obvious times which are early morning and late afternoon. Don’t let cloudy weather restrict you as it creates beautiful soft light. Elephants are active around waterholes during the midday hours and can make for entertaining photos as youngsters dive into and under the water.



Photo: Marlon du Toit, Singita


If you could buy any camera and lens, which would it be?

Canon 1DX and a Canon 600 f4 IS