One of the biggest problems for a photographer, and in this case, a wedding photographer is how to choose a portfolio of his past work that will represent his style and work as a whole.

One can get easily carried away emotionally and therefore choose, or not choose, an image because of a good or bad experience. Or, when a moment appeals to you emotionally, eg where a bride walks down the isle of the church.

To be totally objective is in my opinion the key. One way to get to this point is to set yourself a structure, and work from this to choose your images.

First decide on how many images you want in your portfolio. In my opinion this should be not more than fifteen images.

Then, create a folder on your computer and name it  “Wedding Portfolio”. Copy all technically correct images that may qualify ,of the weddings that you did in the last year, to this folder. By technically correct  I mean; exposure, colour balance, sharpness, composition ext.  Be very strict on yourself. If something bothers you…. just ignore it…don’t choose the image, point..!!

Set up a structure ,and it should look something like this;

1. Two to three detail images (rings,garter,flowers)

2. Two to three Portraits of the Bride

3. Two to three images of the church ceremony.

4. Two to three images of the Bride and Bridegroom.

5. Two to three images of the reception.

6. Two to three documentary images.

Be very strict on the amount that you have decided on in the first place. If it was fifteen stick to this amount.

The final procedure will be to illuminate and delete  images in the “Wedding Portfolio” untill you get the right balance. In other words, a portfolio is not your fifteen best images, but the best fifteen images representing your photography and style.

Here are fifteen images that I have chosen from my work to give you an idea of the images I believe a wedding portfolio should consist of.

This is not my portfolio, just an example.

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