“Try it, you might like it. You never know”

With the rugby season at an end, I can honestly say, I had the time of my life! Starting out with a Cheetahs vs Bulls game, South Africa vs All Blacks and ending with the highlight of South African Rugby, the Curie Cup final.

I would like to reflect on and share some of the most memorable moments during the 2011 rugby season.


SA vs All Blacks Photo: Denese Lups

SA vs All Blacks Photo: Denese Lups


Sport photography, to me it is one of the most rewarding, exciting, frustrating and fun things you can do as a photographer. There is nothing like the thrill to walk trough the same tunnel as the players onto the field and seeing 60 000 people in the stadium.  Then looking for all the known and famous photographers on the sidelines.


John Mitchell Photo: Denese Lups

Joshua Strauss Photo: Denese Lups


Next ….how many Nikon and Canon lenses, then what equipment! To be honest, I think the only downtime for a photographer is when you realize how much you have spent on the equipment required to really shoot sporting events right, knowing you could be driving a very nice car instead!! Forget the car!!!!! Get the shots!!


Lions vs Sharks Curiecup Final Photo: Denese Lups


Cravenweek 2011 Photo: Denese Lups

Jano Vermaak Photo: Denese Lups

Looking forward to the 2012 season.

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