Photographer Craig Kolesky will most certainly be one of the top candidates! For the past several years he has captured extreme and adrenaline sports on camera for Red Bull, a brand well respected in the extreme sports environment!

We at Phototalk were fortunate enough to have had a converstation with Craig and to try and find what is going on in the mind of a extreme sports photographer. Here his story;

How long have you been in the photography industry?

I got my first camera when I was 14 and been snapping since then but been Pro for the last 10 or so years.

Is there a specific moment you can recall when you decided “this is what I would like to do professionally?”

I got my first image published when I was still in school, I remember been super stoked about that.  A few weeks after that image was in the magazine I got a check in the post for the photo, thats when I kind of knew that this is what I wanted to do.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

Can you describe/ provide your favourite photo?

I have got so many photos that come to mind, but I do have this one silhouette image of some surfers standing on a dune waiting for the sun to come so they see the surf. Just like this shot because of been at the right place at the right time to get that kind of light and also the surfers always on that same mission to find the perfect wave like a photographer to get that perfect image.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

Is there a specific photo you feel “I wish I had taken that one?”

Oh, so many, I always look at other photos and say ”I wish I thought of that shot”, it happens often and from that you can learn more, just taking note of how other photographer shoot you can learn so much from.

If in an emergency you are able to save only one piece of equipment, what would that be?

My Nikon D3s and 50mm lens.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

Which photo theme do you prefer capturing? Sport / portfolio/ wedding/ nature etc

I focus on adventure sport, lifestyle and commercial photography. I shoot for Red Bull Photo-files on an international level, shooting for them we have to be diverse in what and how we shoot from outdoors action and lifestyle to studio images.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

What would your best piece of advice be to young aspiring photographers?

Shoot as much as you can and get your photos out there, ask a lot of questions until you get asked to stop asking. Go to the talks at the camera shows and study how other photographer doing their work.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

Do you have a blog/ website where people can view images captured by you?

My website is and blog is I keep it updated weekly also keep up on the updates on twitter @CraigKolesky.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

What do you regards as the best magazines to read to sharpen your skills in photography?

You should read magazines that have your own photography in mind that you shoot. I subscribe to a lot of magazines and always try to stay updated to what other guys are shooting and try to figure out how they are shooting their images.

What do you regards as the best websites to browse to sharpen your skills in photography?

There are so many good blogs and websites out there, I just follow a few international photographers on twitter and from them you can feed off what they are following and looking at.

Photo: Craig Kolesky

If money is no issue – and you can go any place in the world to take as many photos as You wish to – what place would that be?

That’s a tough one to answer, I have travelled all over and a a lot of place, but if I had to choose I would say maybe India. So much to shoot there with all the colors and the people.

What is your favorite software for retouching?

I use Adobe Photoshop

Photo: Craig Kolesky

What times during the day do you think are best to take photos?

I generally don’t shoot outdoors from 10.30am to 3pm, if I do shoot during those times then its in studio or in the shade.

If you could buy any camera and lens, which would it be?

As some one starting out I would go for a Nikon D7000 with kit lens, Great little camera and the video function is awesome. If you a Pro then the Nikon D3s with a 24-70mm lens, cant go wrong.

Photo: Craig Kolesky