A friend of mine and founder of Phototalk / Phototalk Safaris recently emailed me a fascinating photo taken during a recent photo safari to Botswana!

This photo captures beautifully how a pride of lions is trying to avoid the extreme heat in Africa by enjoying the cooler road surface offered by the shade provided by a tree next to the road!

Perhaps also important to note is that the lion is still the King of the Jungle – or the “Plains of Africa” in this example, and should be treated with respect. It is positive to see that the travellers on safari are allowing them the space and time to relax in the shade!

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The photographer Gerhard Steenkamp is well aware that during my 9 years in the development of the Arrive Alive website I have taken a keen interest in photos taken at roadside, and this will no doubt be one for the files to be shared in future posts about travelling on safari etc.

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