Using reflections in photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images. The amateur photographer often discovers that a reflection has brought something rather unique to his photo .

For the professional photographer his ability to use reflections is a powerful tool in his arsenal of skills!

Using water, windows, mirrors or any sort of reflective surface can spice up an otherwise lifeless photo and turn it into an amazing shot.


Photo: Denese Lups


Reflections can completely alter the image from something fairly straightforward to something richer or abstract or otherwise more artistic.

But creativity depends on the photographer being able to see things differently, rather than seeing only one part of a larger whole.

Photo: Denese Lups


Reflection photography is an art because you have to dig deep into your imagination to see the hidden beauty.

Perth Australia Photo: Denese Lups


It is also a science because you should know the right angles and techniques and must be more than familiar with your camera to capture a perfect shot.

Whether you choose to use reflection in an artistic way or as a source of lightning, learning to use reflections in photography will help take your photographic skills to the next level.



Seeing the lanes Photo: Denese Lups

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