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Taking detail photos during weddings

In modern wedding photography photos of all the detail during a couples big day play a major role in a wedding package. Sadly this is still neglected  by many wedding photographers. In South Africa in certain areas photographers tend to concentrate more on the detail than in other areas by other photographers. Especially in the…

Basic Photography Course – 18 October – 6 December 2011

Come and join Gerhard on this Basic Photography Course and learn all the fundementals of Photography to give you a kick start. For more info follow the link or contact Gerhard Steenkamp at info@superimage.co.za

What is Close-up and Macro Photography?

If life is all about little details then macro photography is the shooting style for you. Some of the most popular subjects for macro photography are flowers, leaves, insects and everyday things in nature that we’re not used to seeing close-up, making macro photography so captivating. Close-up and macro photography are two of the most…