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Camera settings for shooting Rugby

How to take rugby photos

Covering a Rugby match during the day in direct sunlight require some specific settings on your camera. Yesterday I covered the Griquas vs Western Province match in Kimberley on a lovely sunny day and want to share my setup that I used. Firstly I used two cameras namely a Nikon D3 and a Nikon D700. On

What is Close-up and Macro Photography?

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If life is all about little details then macro photography is the shooting style for you. Some of the most popular subjects for macro photography are flowers, leaves, insects and everyday things in nature that we’re not used to seeing close-up, making macro photography so captivating. Close-up and macro photography are two of the most

Using a 300mm F2.8 for Portraiture


In 1992 I bought my first 300 mm F2.8 second hand from Pieter Els a friend of mine. It was a Tamron lens fitted with a Novoflex Pistol Grip. Tamron is a Japanese Product and Novoflex German. They got together to combine this lens with the Pistol grip focusing mechanism. This was before the Auto