If there is a moment in rugby that captures the imagination of both fans and photographers, it must be the lineout!

Admittedly it is the try that gets all the accolades and most of the exposure on the cover of the Sunday newspaper – but it is the lineout that will capture the attention from the rugby connoisseur!

All those who have played or been involved in rugby will be the first to admit that this phase has become a field of expertise.

Many can run in a straight line and catch and pass a ball – but there is something special to be part of the composition of a perfectly created lineout.

Photo of lineout in Currie Cup Final 2011 by Denese Lups

It is far more than just the formation of 2 parallel lines and a ball to be thrown down the middle. It has transformed to a part of the game where we find an assistant coach sometimes regarded as a “lineout guru”.

Victor Matfield King of the Lineout in photo by Gerhard Steenkamp

Lineouts are one of the phases in rugby where you can best contest the ball of the opponent and from where securing possession can lead to many other opportunities for attack!

The Contested Lineout

Before you can secure lineout possession you need to have the personnel and the skills to match and better your opponents. You need a hooker who can throw straight and accurate, jumpers who can get high into the air, forwards who can lift and support these players and most important the technique and tactics to have all these components combine together at the right time!

Providing possession to the backs in photo by Denese Lups

With the rugby Season about to start in all intensity with the Super 15 within the next few weeks, we would like to share some of the special photos by the photographers from Rugby15.

The Beauty of Simultaneous Movement captured on camera by James Loretz