Hugh-Daniel practically grew up with a  passion for rugby.

A horrific accident on the field ended his rugby career but this would lead to new and exciting ventures in photography. Hugh-Daniel is based in Gansbaai and has an immense love of nature.

He lives for that golden hours along the coast of the Western Cape.

Over the past two years, he has been teaching individuals the techniques he has learned. This includes shooting out on location and helping with basic processing skills afterward.


1. How long have you been in the photography industry?

I bought my first camera in 2010 and started experimenting. So I guess about 7 years now.


2. Is there a specific moment you can recall when you decided “this is what I would like to do professionally?”

In 2012 I started taking myself more seriously and worked at improving my craft. I have thought about doing it professionally but still not ready to leave the comfort zone of having photography as a sideline business for now.


3. Can you describe your favourite photo?

Probably my next one…Although I’ve got many shots that I had in planned and really had to be patient for i still believe the best is yet to come. And as a semi-perfectionist, I guess I’ll never be completely happy and say “this is what I wanted, I can retire now”.



4. Is there a specific photo you feel “I wish I had taken that one?”

Sure I’ve missed a couple! But then I also got completely lucky at other times and got something great. I live in the Great White Shark capital of the world, so I still want that elusive White Shark breach. And a few others…














5. If in an emergency you are able to save only one piece of equipment, what would that be?

Difficult question. Hopefully my backpack with all the gear inside. Otherwise, I guess I’d have to save my trusty 6D body.




6. Which photo theme do you prefer capturing? Sport / portfolio/ wedding/ nature etc

Definitely Landscapes/Seascapes and everything nature related.




7. What would your best piece of advice be to young aspiring photographers?

You are not going to pick up a camera and be a photographer right from the outset. There is much to learn and experimenting is the best way of working on becoming a good photographer!




8. Do you have a blog/ website where people can view images captured by you?

My 500px site is the best-updated one for now. But I also have my own website. Links below.




9. What do you regards as the best magazines to read to sharpen your skills in photography?

I’m not very big on magazines, I get most of my information and skills from the web. But I have been seen reading the WEG or the GETAWAY at times.




10. What do you regards as the best websites to browse to sharpen your skills in photography?

Definitely youtube, and then I follow some big names in the Landscape industry and get some tips from them from their blogs etc.

Search the web for Ted Gore, Marc Adamus, Lars van der Goor, Ryan Dyar, Chip Phillips, Michael Shainblum and see what I mean.




11. If money is no issue  – and you can go any place in the world to take as many photos as you wish to – what place would that be?

Iceland or Namibia. And Patagonia, Italy, USA…I can go on all day!



12. What is your favourite software for retouching?

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop




13. What times during the day do you think are best to take photos?

Many people will say a good photo can be taken any time of day, but taking that photo in the golden hour amplifies it by 1000x




14. If you could buy any camera and lens, which would it be?

Probably something like the 5Dsr or the new 5D mk4, I have most of the wide angle lenses so I’d probably splash out on a 500mm or 600mm just to complete my kit.