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UK tourists harassed by lions at Rooiputs in the Kgalagadi

I’m in the Kgalagadi at the moment for a short stay of six nights. Except for lot of great sightings there is also lots of other action going on at the moment! Yesterday we had a thunderstorm that swept through Twee Revieren leaving the camp site looking like a river in flow and with my…

A photo safari in the Kgalagadi – January 2012

Striking the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park in January while a heat wave is sweeping through the country is no joke. Forty Five degrees Celsius was the norm with animals hiding under every inch of shade during midday. Luckily for me I got some amazing sightings during my two week stay with lots of photographic opportunities….

Sanparks hidden treasure…..??

Just came back from Mokala National Park yesterday where we stayed four days at the Motswedi camping site. This was my fourth visit to Mokala and must say it surprises me more and more everytime. Mokala is 70km south of Kimberley on the N12 route to Cape Town. To read more about the geographical details…