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A photo safari in the Kgalagadi – January 2012


Striking the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park in January while a heat wave is sweeping through the country is no joke. Forty Five degrees Celsius was the norm with animals hiding under every inch of shade during midday. Luckily for me I got some amazing sightings during my two week stay with lots of photographic opportunities.

Wildlife photographer, Hilton Kotze, explains photographing moving objects

photographic safari Masai Mara

PAN PAN PAN PAN PAN !!!!!!…. These are often the words you will hear while on safari with me . Today I’d like to take a brief look at the  topic of panning– that of photographing moving subjects.   The basic idea behind panning as a technique is that you pan your camera along in

Lions create their own unique roadblock in Africa!


A friend of mine and founder of Phototalk / Phototalk Safaris recently emailed me a fascinating photo taken during a recent photo safari to Botswana! This photo captures beautifully how a pride of lions is trying to avoid the extreme heat in Africa by enjoying the cooler road surface offered by the shade provided by

Sun, Sea, Sand and Blue Flag Beaches in South Africa


South Africa is blessed with sun, sea, sand and the most beautiful beaches! This past December hundreds of thousands of South Africans were once more able to enjoy these blessings on our coastline and were also joined by thousands of tourists escaping the bitterly cold of the Northern Hemisphere! The most beautiful and well cared

In Conversation with travel photographer Greg Ewing

Greg Ewing

There is no better time than summer in South Africa to share some stunning images from one of our best outdoor photographers, Greg Ewing. I met Greg a few years back at the Billabong Pro in J-Bay while he was still working full time for Zig Zag magazine. Since then he became a freelance travel\sport\outdoor

Sanparks hidden treasure…..??


Just came back from Mokala National Park yesterday where we stayed four days at the Motswedi camping site. This was my fourth visit to Mokala and must say it surprises me more and more everytime. Mokala is 70km south of Kimberley on the N12 route to Cape Town. To read more about the geographical details

Photos remind us of Cape Town in the early 1960′s


Many of us were not yet born at the time – and others were still to young to remember, but many of our parents and grandparents are able to tell us stories of Cape Town and what they did in and around Cape Town when they were young. We seldom see photos of Cape Town

Walking with Lions at Donkerhoek Farm, Free State


This past weekend I had the greatest privilege of walking around with White and Brown Lions at Donkerhoek Lion Farm just outside of Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. The farm is privately owned and they specialise in big cat breeding. They currently have about 45 Lions (which consist of brown and the very rare white lions)

The Ultimate Kgalagadi – Botswana trip


In April this year we went for a two week trip to Botswana. It is a pleasure to share our experiences with other nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The big difference from the normal Botswana trip was that we routed our trip through the Kgalagadi National Park. On 20 April 2011 we left Bloemfontein for Twee

The Magic of Chobe through the lens

DSC_9404 copy

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain     To dream and discover a place like